Wagga Swim School  offer a range of swimming lessons in Wagga Wagga suited to all age groups and levels. 

To work out what level your child is at, we will discuss their experience with you to determine their class.

We offer both group and private lessons. 

Each child is assessed on the skills required to successfully complete each level.

Children will not be moved up levels until their instructor is confident that all required skills are performed.

Wagga Swim School provides a FREE of charge ability assessment if required.


 If you are looking for a good all round aerobic exercise why not try aqua aerobics?

The whole body gets a great workout all in less than 60 minutes.

Water acts as a cushion for the body’s weight bearing joints reducing stress on muscles, tendons and ligaments.

As a result aquatic workouts are a low impact and can greatly reduce the injury and strain common to most land based exercises.